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GST and the sex industry | Australian Taxation Office

GST and the sex industry. If a sex industry establishment is required to register for GST, it includes GST in the amounts charged to clients and sends the GST to us. Whether GST is charged by individual sex workers will depend on the way payment is arranged and if the worker: has an Australian business number (ABN) is registered for GST.

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Sex Toys. It's well established that you can claim a deduction for the tools you use in your trade. But depending on what your trade is, your tools could be very different to the hammers, spanners and drills usually claimed. If you work in the adult industry, you could be looking at a deduction for sex toys, lube and all manner of "accessories".

Sex toys, face masks: Surprising things you can claim on tax

Sex workers could claim all sorts of weird stuff you could never imagine making a tax deduction for,” Chapman said. Hand sanitiser The Covid-19 outbreak shone a light on the importance of personal protective equipment for frontline health workers, and anyone working in a job that requires close human contact.

Australian Taxation Office reveals weirdest tax deduction ...

SEX toys, breast implants and Xbox consoles are among some of the strangest tax deductions that Australians have made and successfully claimed.

10 surprising tax deductions you can claim | Now To Love

It's tax time and while some of those deductions will be obvious, some of them could be just a bit unusual. ... you could be looking at a deduction for sex toys, ... Australian Women's Weekly.

Tax returns: Most unusual deductions Aussies can claim | news ...

Breast enhancements might be a tax no-go, but adult performers can look at successfully making claims for items as diverse as dance lessons, hair care, oils, lingerie, costumes and sex toys.

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5. Sex toys. Australia took the decidedly unusual step in 2006 of allowing prostitutes, strippers and other members of “the sex industry” to deduct the cost of buying sex toys.

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Adult industry workers income and work-related deductions. If you earn your income as an employee in the adult industry, this information will help you to work out what: income and allowances to report. you can and can't claim as a work-related deduction.