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Most of us are aware that certain drugs, gambling, prostitution, and vaping are illegal in Thailand; but what you may not know is that sex toys are also illegal. You can drink on the streets, buy antibiotics without a prescription, and purchase a woman’s “companionship” with dispiriting ease, but in Thailand, you can’t buy a sex toy — at least not legally.

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Thai media reported that a Thai man and Vietnamese woman had been arrested for alleged illegal importation of the products. The Bangkok pilot held a standard press conference and showed the seized items, including boxes of dildos, packages containing synthetic vaginas, X-Marvel Max drugs for sexual enhancement for men and Titan Gel, which is specially made for men to provide a stiff to keep a member.

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While Thailand is a conservative country with conservative laws, the underground sex trade and sex toy economy is a thriving not-so-well-kept secret. Thailand is famous for its LGBTQ acceptance and red-light districts, but many don’t realise that most drugs, gambling, soliciting for prostitution, sex toys, and even vaping are against Thai law.

Thai Culture Ministry reminds tourists and residents that Sex ...

Thailand-Earlier this week Salinee Chumsawan, Director of the Office of Culture Monitoring at the Culture Ministry spoke to reporters and the press in response to several publicized articles in foreign newspapers about tourists being detained and fined for bringing sex toys, such as vibrators, etc. to Thailand.

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yes they are illegal. You will not use thaivisa.com to post any material which is knowingly or can be reasonably construed as false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy , or otherwise in violation of any law.

Bangkok man arrested for allegedly selling sex toys | Thaiger

Police warn the sex toy buying public that sex toys are still illegal in Thailand… because the lack of medical license means their safety cannot be guaranteed. They did not specify what the dangers of using the toys were. But they did say: “Everyone using them may harm their own vital organ”.

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Share. Posted March 26, 2010. There is absolutely no point in risking smuggling sex toys into Thailand. Customs officials are a law unto themselves and will probably invent a big 'fine'. All variety of the said toys can be bought illegally within Thailand at erotic lingerie shops or markets.

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Vietnam is a growing tourist destination. But it doesn't like tourists who bring sex toys with them. In 2011, authorities made buying sex toys or bringing them into the country illegal.

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Sex toys are completely illegal in this state. Head to Arizona, where two toys are okay. Any more, and you’re risking prosecution again. ... Thailand. The fine for a man who has sex with a ...

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However, both are illegal, and being found participating can lead to a fine or jail time. Littering fines in Thailand. In February 2018, Thailand authorities banned littering at 24 of its most popular beaches due to increasing environmental concerns. Litterers will be prosecuted and either fined 100,000 THB (US$3,190) or ace a year in jail.