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how to make a sex toy out of watermelon

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Sex with a watermelon as a guy how do you do that ...

Opinion Owner. +1 y. Well it's a tough one dude. I don't think the watermelon will be any different, it could be but I think it would be like humping a bucket of water. In all honesty heated up chunk of baloney with lots of lube may be closer. Just cut a hole that is slightly smaller than your junk so there is friction.

DIY Watermelon Squishy Toy - Buggy and Buddy

Start by cutting your foam pillow into more manageable sizes. Then cut a rough version of the shape you want to make with your shears. For watermelon slice squishy, cut out a rectangle. Then cut it into a rough half circle shape. (If doing this project with young children, do this step for them.) 3. Use your scissors to fine tune your shape.